The Hydra Skin Refiner

What is the Ultimate Skin Refiner?

Ultimate Skin Refiner

 The Hydra Skin Refiner is a multi functional device,  designed with the solo esthetician in mind. It is easy to use and costs little per treatment. You can use  products you already have or we can help you select appropriate products.  

 $2500 with microcurrent
$1999 without microcurrent. 

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What are the features on the Ultimate Skin Refiner?

Ultimate skin refiner

There are two options to chose from.  Both options include the four step H2o facial treatment, an oxygen/serum spray, and an ultrasonic skin scrubber, and three piece lymphatic drainage for body and face.   You can elect to add microcurrent.  With microcurrent option you get three styles of wands and a pair of gloves

$2500 with microcurrent and $1999 without microcurrent

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What does the Ultimate Skin Refiner do?

Ultimate Skin Refiner

The Ultimate Skin Refiner uses water and nutrient filled serums to cleanse and hydrate the skin, in four steps

Extraction are easy and fun with the extraction mode and ultrasnonic skin scrubber.

Infuse the skin with serums and oxygen.

Lift the muscle and stimulate ATP with microcurrent (optional).

Move trapped fluid on face or body with lymphatic drainage.

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What are the results of a Ultimate Skin Refiner treatment?

Ultimate Skin Refiner

Clients are left with beautifully clean  skin and with less congestion of pores.

The skin is plump, hydrated, lifted and firmer.

What is the warranty?

Ultimate Skin Refiner

 There is a one year manufactures warranty.  After that one year we continue to support you and you will have access to parts needed and instructions.  For full warranty click here

How long after ordering will my Ultimate Skin Refiner arrives?

Ultimate Skin Refiner

It takes about 14 business days to arrive to you.  We use DHL Express Shipping

Ultimate kin Refiner with microcurrent $2,500

Ultimate Skin Refiner without microcurrent $1,999